woensdag 3 februari 2016

Galavant season 2

The sublime fantasy musical was back this year, for another 10 episode run detailing the adventures of Galavant!

We left of last year with all the main characters scattered across the realms, and that is just where we are picking up again, as Galavant and Richard are trying to raise an army to get Isabella freed and Richard re-instated as king.

In the meantime, Gareth and Madeline rule over Valencia, and grow closer to each other, while Isabella together with Syd are in Hortensia.  Slowly but steadily, the storylines converge, leading to the best episode of the series, episode 9, which is a hilarious parody on the Battle of Helm`s Deep, and even includes a great Theoden impression.

Or as the former Valencian king states it: We are knee-deep in poopy-kaka.

The travels of Galavant (first name: Gary) and Richard go along the most insane places, like the Enchanted Forest, a gay bar where Richard`s uncle lives, and past Galavant`s father... before our hero is killed then ressurected.

But is Galavant actually the hero?  No, this year focusses more on Richard, and he becomes the star, the hero and the owner of a dragon called Tad Cooper, while finding both love and his manhood.  And loosing something else in the process ;-)

Riddled with song (A Good Day To Die is epic!) and laughter, and the great fact that Vinnie Jones plays a more prominent (aka, more dancing, which puts me in laughters remembering him for the beast he was at the soccer pitch during his Wimbledon days) role is a good thing. 

It was a fantastic run again, and let`s just hope that `suprise renewal` will come indeed.  And if not, well, they all lived happily ever after in this "Monthy Python of the 21st Century".

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