zondag 28 februari 2016

The Haul Report #18

A bit of a special thingie this week to kick of the Haul Report.

A little thingie I bought with some nudging from my GF... Pirate undies!!!!  press the skullbones and unleash the cannon!!!

Okay, so that might not be true, it was just a cool boxer with the glittering Jolly Roger on it ;-)

I also received the latest (and last, I didn`t renew my subscription anymore) issue of the Transformers Club magazine.  Another nice comic in it and all, but seen over a year, the high price for a european subscription don`t really make it worth the buckos anymore.

I also got some nice bricklinks in this week.  Quinnsville is going ahead greatly, and actually should be completed this week, just one more little parcel with yellow slopes to arrive for that.  But it literally EATS light and dark grey studs as the roads and such are all cobblestone styled.

The GF also found these nice Friends sets, of this year`s actually, in the local supermarket.  I love the range, and this birthday subtheme is great with it`s sweet colours and great animals.  She brought along two for me, so one will be build, and one I`m keeping either for an exchange sometime, or for one of the future raffles I told you about yesterday.

The final score of the week is a classic.  The Lego Battles game puts Pirates against Knights against Spacemen on the classic DS console.  I found this through a Facebook group, and I dusted of my Pikachu DS especially for it (yes, I have a Pokemon DS, I`ll show it one day)...

So a nice and varried haul this week for sure, see you back next sunday for the weekly grabbings...

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