maandag 15 februari 2016

MOC: the Founding of Quinnsville

The crew and soldiers looked up as Cpt Smaugton climbed onto a barrel at the beach they had just found.

While some of them where still busy unloading some supplies, and even one of the small cannons to offer some protection should anything be there with `none so good intentions`, the marine company took position to secure the beach.

He scraped his throat and then spoke with a fire in his voice...

"Men!  We have sailed far and wide, but now we have found this yet-to-be-named-by-her-Majesty island.  Hardship has been ours, but we have prevailed over the elements.

Let it be noted, that on this 15th day of the 2nd month of the year 616, on this very beach, we will plant the royal banner of Corrington.  Here we will set foot, and here we will stay.  This place shall become known as Quinnsville!

I have send worth to our government, and invitations to our friends and the MAESTRO faction, that as soon as we have totaly secured the area and our transport ships have arrived and unloaded, they are welcome to join in the creation of this new city and add to it`s growth and expansion!"

Well the third freebuild I did this month (after expanding my Naval fleet first), this is one of the beach sections that will hopefully by the time Brick Mania Wetteren comes around (the second weekend of april) be build up.

But before that, I wanted to use it to show the landfall of my sig-fig, as he places the flag of the Empire of Corrington to claim the lands.

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