vrijdag 19 februari 2016

Classic Lego Build: 6613 Telephone Booth

In today`s classic build, we got a small set from the 1986 Town range, but one I always remembered fondly from my childhood. 

Even though it wasn`t from my favorite settings, it did have that cool bicycle...

The set comes with a blue white striped shirt minifigure wearing a blue cap.

The base of the set is a red plate, upon which inverted yellow slopes form the pillar of the telephone booth itself.

The phone comes with a printed 1x2 slope, and we also install the inverted slopes that will form the bench base.

The booth is roofed and the bench gets seats next

And the full set stands completed:

I can`t put my finger on exactly what it is in this set that made me remember it all through my Dark Ages, and I even had `nostalgic fun` assembling it, but it is just a great little set from 30 years ago...

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