zaterdag 27 februari 2016

Scoring Free Lego?

In today`s opinion piece, I`m going to rabble a bit about how I decided to try and `score` free Lego during the course of 2016.

Ever since I`d won that awesome Battle of the Five Armies in a picture contest last year, I`ve been thinking about this, and then I stumbled upon a YouTube film telling how to go by and get Lego on the cheap.

One of the tips in that, is Lego Give Aways.  These fun little contests are often run by people on YouTube and they raffle something away once they reach a certain number of subscribers to their channel.

I have been surfing YouTube ever since on a daily basis, looking for those kinds of thingies and have entered a few at the moment of speaking.  Nothing won yet, but we keep on trying as it usually involves nothing more then liking and commenting on a video, and usually it`s about small prices anyways, but he who doesn`t honour the small...

There is also THIS cool contest running at the moment, where you get to name the builder`s city.

Facebook is another matter.  Usually this involves sponsored adds, and by liking, sharing and commenting, you open yourself to a lot of advertising on the social media medium.  I haven`t looked or searched for something like it on Twitter, but it`s probably out there as well.

A different matter on Facebook is the Brickagram group, run by the cool Phil.  He entertains us three times a week (usually wednesday, friday and sunday) by running his chat box on Twitch while playing and streaming Lego Dimensions.  Often this is coupled with a give away draw if a certain number of people are active in the chatbox at one time, currently the price up for grabs is a Dimensions Gimli fun pack.

It`s also through Brickagram I won that contest last year, as he often runs small contests for prizes, and he also tends to do some great raffles where you can buy a ticket and win something really big.  The current raffle being organised is for the classic Batcave set, so check the group out on Facebook.

I`m not quite sure what the odds would be to actually take something home through these channels during the year, but like I said, it`s all costing me zilch and you never know what might fall in the mailbox one day.

So wish me luck and keep your fingers crossed :-)

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