zondag 7 februari 2016

The Haul Report #15

Another week has gone by as we enter february with a heap of cool stuff again.  While I`ve mostly been aming to trade for crew on my to be build ships, there are some other thingies around that I really `dig`.

Facebook these days is a great place for exchanging Lego, as one after the other AFOL aimed, or selling aimed, group pops up.  And sometimes, great items for good to great prices can be found on there.

Perhaps the `top of the scores` this week is this particular polybag, which hasn`t been released yet it seems.  I managed to get it from Croatia without loosing an arm and a leg in costs. 

Another great find is a heap of these small `rock elemental` figures, whom are going to be of great use in a future Guilds of Historica build I got lined up, and which costed me half of what I would pay for them on BrickLink.

I also managed to get an extra Jungleboy traded with a local bloke, as his torso will be needed to man my Timeline build some more.

But off to manning those Brethren of the Brick Seas builds.  I obtained this lovely lot of 7 marine sets and 3 cannon sets from a facebook seller, and managed to purchase this set of pirates and accessories as well as the poster tossed in for free.

And my plans for the Queen Anne arrived, which had been forgotten to be brought along last saturday.  Guess what I will be building one of these days ;-)

On BrickLink I managed to get some more loose parts and figures from various sources.

My local secondhand shop this week hauled in those three big bags of parts each.  At 8 euro a bag, they where priced fairly, and the good thing is that it is actual `old style` lego, mostly from the 1985 - 1995 era (though some newer things are in there, like a Jungle Boy torso hehe), but not to much of all that Bionicle stuff you often end up with in those lots.

The final haul was from my trip to the Lego Store yesterday.  I urgently needed a 48x48 and since I had a 20 euro voucher for the shopping center, I went to grab one.  After next weekend, the first stones will be laid to start the city of Corrington.

I also picked up some small sets I found very intresting, namely the Elves ship I`ve been wanting for a long time, and the new little Ninjago Dragon.  That one is cool because of the `pirate` figure in ti, but the build as it is will be used in another project of mine as well.  Okee, so that left me only with a useless Cole, but he has had his head transplanted already to make one of those 7 marines mentioned above look less monotone.  And that yielded the monthly promotions as a bonus as well...

A good week for sure if you ask me, and not a too expensive one either, so that`s a double win if you ask me :-)

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