zaterdag 13 februari 2016

Fantastic Four

So in a time of great superhero movies, tonight I`ve watched the most superb... flop of them all.

Now, you see that the issues about this movie where actually that big, that Marvel no less then cancelled the comic line in disagreement with how the movie came about.

Take with that a whole trainload of directors, and a reboot of the story, and all the wheels are in motion for 1 hour and a half of goosebumps of the wrong kind.

No longer are the Fantastic Four created by a freak solar storm in space, no, now we have a couple of kids managing to figure out interdimensional travel together with their project leader Viktor Von Doom, and get caught in an accident on an alien planet.  This results in the creation of their powers... but Sue (now the adopted sister of a black Johnny Storm, but that is actually the least bothering change to the story) isn`t present.

She gets caught in the energy release of the returning teleport shuttle, minus Viktor who fell in a pool of green goo on the planet. 

But he will return!  Take one, if not THE, most iconic villain in Marvel-verse... and screw him over royally.  No longer is he a powerhungry monarch with a mask fused to his face to hide his disfigurements, no, we make him an insane, videogaming... eco-warrior.

Who pops heads by just looking at people and looks like a ball of silver and neon-green christmas decoration.  At least he has (at times) a cape.

All this works up to the epic finale, the grand battle between the Fantastic Four and their seemingly always managing to cheat death in the comics grand enemy... not.

It leads to a `climatic` battle of a full 5 minutes, and in the end Doom is vaporised to atoms.

Yeah, how about epicness on that scale...

Did the movie have any strong points then?  Errrrrm, well, eeerrrm, Thing ans Torch are pretty animated CGI`s... errrrm

No, this was rubbish of the highest degree, a pity for such a longtime mainstay of the Marvelverse.

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