donderdag 18 februari 2016

Chima Promotional Pack

Something of an oddity today in Lego stuffsies I have here, is this Chima pack of promotional items.

This was part of a prize I`ve won at a recent Lego event, the LCC Happy Reunion, at the end of january, and while most would be `bleugh`, I really liked this little thingy.

Why?  Because it includes the foil trading cards of Laval and Cragger.  Keep it silent, but I`m still trying to collect all the trading cards that can be obtained through the speedster sets (and accompanying sets for that matter.  Because I always have, and always will, loved trading cards.

Other things in the pack where a ripcord for the speedsters with a rubber `head` to put on top of your personal rip cord, making the grip on them easier, a small poster and a holographic key chain.

So yeah, this is definitly a `better` promotional pack compared to for example last years new Bionicle range one...

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