dinsdag 16 februari 2016

Classic Lego Build: 6674 Crane Truck

In today`s classic build, we take a blast in the past with this old tow truck for the Town series (current days City theme).

This 90 parts set is nearing it`s 30th anniversary, as it was released in 1988.

The set contains a mechanic as the minifigure included with it, with red cap and printed torso.

The core around which the car is made is constructed from black plates onto each other.  Upon this, red mudguards and plates are placed to have the chassis made ready.

While the wheels are attached, the bodywork is flushed out further with some more plates, and a red hinge comes at the back to form the support of the crane.

The crane itself is made from yellow plates, making it contrasting nicely with the red of the bodywork.

The tow hook is attached as the cabin itself is also build up with it`s doors and all.

The roof is then installed over the cabin including the signalling lights.

And the full set completed:

Even though City isn`t my `thing`, this is actually a quite cool looking vehicle in my opinion, and certainly one of the more `played with after building` aka I did vroom-vroom with it for a while, sets.

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