maandag 29 februari 2016

Inspirational Lego #59

Another week has started, and as we enjoy this extra day in the year, even though it`s still a monday, here we are again with a new selection of 10 great builds I found on the internet.

And I tried to cover another wide range of intrest with my eye candy selection

We start with the amazing Floating Island by Cesbrick, a builder who makes truly magnificent medieval builds.

Sea Chant Castle is another great piece of fantasy medieval work, with a certain `cuteness` in it`s building style.

I keep being a fan of the 1986 movie Aliens, 30 years after release.  This dropship and AFV build is just great, and look at the micro aliens at the front!

Talking micro space, here is another great build from Star Wars episode 7.

Pokemon celebrated it`s 20th anniversary this year, and this Charizard build is plain fantastic.

A fantastic butterfly sculpture

Chibi Gundams, they are a great theme to build in Lego, and this RX-78 is greatly executed.

I like this little build for the way the curves of the rubberboat are done, and it was my inspiration for something similar I did last summer in Andromeda`s Gates.

This convention picture is a fantastic collection of the Castle theme, including at the front even a rugby game.  Lego Blood Bowl anyone?

Tyrannosaurus Wrecks is a cool looking dragster build, though I imagine him having trouble getting to the steering wheel properly.

And that is another week worth of nice pieces that might inspire us for some great builds!

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