zaterdag 20 februari 2016

WIP HMS Pendragon

Today I got some work-in-progress pictures of what is going to become one of my two `main goals` for Brethren of the Brick Seas in 2016.

HMS Pendragon will be the 5th rate Ship of the Line that will help protect my city of Quinnsville, and as such will be far larger then the small trading ships I have been building for the game.

Like the city itself, she won`t be part of MAESTRO, though she can be lend out for escorting duties once licensed, but will be sailing under the crown of Corrington, under command of Admiral Rodgers.

The ship is build up from the prefab hull pieces at the bottom, and will be sporting a full complement of guns.  In BoBS this rating is at a `4` ratio, and she will sport 6 heavy guns, 12 smaller 12 pounders and 6 swivel guns (2 fore, 4 aft) and a full compliment of marines.  She is not a trading vessel, she is a beast of war, whose job will be to hunt down the pirates or enemies that might invade the waters around Quinnsville, securing as such the route of trade to the settlement.

This armament will mean that with her 24 guns she falls within the `official` ratings of the time as a two deck, three mast, 24-32 guns, making her a frigate and 5th rate as she would have been historically.

The aft includes the coat of arms of the House of Smaugton, and a stylised `C` to show her allegiance.

I hope to have her sailing by Wetteren, but I fear that will not be feasible as I`ve still got a lot of work to do on her and Quinnsville takes priority at the moment, but she will definitly be present at Brick Mania Antwerpen!

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