donderdag 25 februari 2016

Classic Lego Build: 4195 Queen Anne's Revenge

Let me start today`s build report with a confession.  I admit that the Helicarrier I bought last year, was a misbuy.  Sure, it had a great build, sure it comes from an awesome franchise... BUT...

It just looked horrible after a while when displayed.  It`s the same thing I never really have gotten into Star Wars and her big sets, it`s just a grey `lump` sitting on the shelf.  Albeit at 6 kilo`s, a strong shelf...

On the other hand, I always wanted the Queen Anne, one of the sets I missed out during my Dark Ages, but unlike the Black Pearl I wasn`t willing to lay down 250+ euro for this vessel, no matter how pretty she is.  When checking BrickLink, I did notice that the Queen and the carrier approached each other these days in a `udes, complete` state... so I went out and looked for an exchange.

I found one with someone I knew through the LCC Facebook group, so at the lunch gathering at the end of january, both where exchanged and the ship joined my collection at last.  And the GF was happy that that ugly hunk of grey was gone ;-)

The set comes with seven figures, of which personally I like Angela the most.  Great torso print, awesome headpiece, a truly nice female minifigure for use in the Pirate settings.

The first thing we will be building is a desk, including a great looking Jack `voodoo doll` microfigure, and the bits and bobs we will be placing in the ship at the end, like barrels, the cannons, that sort of things.

We start the actual ship with the hull, made of prefab parts both front and end, and 3 of the smaller ones in between.  These are connected with Technic pins and plates on top to secure.

The sides are slowly build up as we start work on the front cargo hold, which connects with the mast for adding extra stability to it.

The rear gets rudder installed, and this is perhaps the one thing I`m not wild about.  It is just to short, which becomes very clear if the ship is displayed on a shelf.

The front support is then inserted into the hull to be able to put the front mast and the bowstatue in place later on.

The sides are build up some more as the gunports now become clearly visible.  This includes `fake` ports, that are just the shutters against the prefab hulls, not having actual openings or space behind them.  That way she can appear bigger then she is, with 5 instead of the 3 actual gunports on each side.

We put round tiles on the bottom to be able to have her displayed easier and secure the hull sections some more.

The railing of the upper deck then gets placed above the ports, as we proceed to build the anker and her chain mechanism and place it in the front section of the galleon.

The aft section now slowly is getting build up, which will feature the captain`s cabin for one, as we close of the front with wedged plates.

The bone railings add to her gloomy appearance.

The bow statue is a skeleton with a burning body.

The actual captain`s quarters is then getting build, and we place the desk we made at the very beginning inside this room.

High it rises, adding to her `size` by having a very high but narrow aft section, and a transparent window with probably some of the coolest stickers Lego has produced is inserted.

Small pieces of cloth are hung at the sides of the roomsection, as we put the steering wheel on top of the cabin.

A smaller stickered window is then placed behind the wheel, and again bones are everpresent to mark her out.

The topside is then rounded out and placed on the ship`s backsection.

A very gruesome railing with a lot of skeleton heads spans this area, as well as some skeletons that are attached to the sides.

The very large lamp of the doomed is then constructed and hung from the back, a really cool looking build if you ask me!

Masts and rigging are then on the menu, and we start with the smallest one, containing the triangle sail, at the back.

Working forward, it`s the middle mast, complete with Blackbeard`s personal flag, that is raised next.

And as the front mast is also installed, we proceed to make all the crossbeams for the sails, and add those to the front and middle masts.

The VERY GORGEOUS (dixit the GF) burgundy sails are then rigged up to the mastpoles.

The front beam is then the final part we put together, and another triangular sail is attached to it, rounding out the vessel`s sails, and the build itself.

The ship completed:

The only thing left to do then was to give her a good clean-up using a can of pressurised air, and the Queen Anne`s Revenge was ready to complete the shelf facing of the Black Pearl.

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