maandag 22 februari 2016

Inspirational Lego #58

Another week has started, so the moment has arrived to once more present 10 of the coolest builds I`ve recently stumbled upon on the internet.

And this week, we start with something from a theme very close to my heart: Tolkien.

Somewhere in the Shire is a big, gorgeous build featuring everyday life of the Hobbits.  Small rural looking houses, big gardens and fields, a great looking water mill, even some romance is present in this fantastic build, I really, really adore it!

The Stary Night by Van Gogh is one of the pieces of art I always loved, and it looks fantastic in this Lego mosaic.

A true classic from the Gerry Anderson universe, the Firball XL5 is one fine looking retro rocket ship.

Perhaps a bit late to the party as we are already february, but this statue of Unikitty in Santa clothing is just gorgeous.

Every year I marvel at the gorgeous Coca Cola christmas advertisements, with lots of lights and the trucks rolling in as `holidays are coming`.  The recreation of the truck is just great, and would look fantastic in any winter village setting.

Remember, the instructions state not to fire the missiles against one's head!

A microbuild of the latest Star Wars movie, this shows the torching of the village on Jakku, from the opening sequence of the film.

A great replica of a classic car:

While this sky-fi plane, using the same dark green for it`s bodywork, emanates the same vibe.

The final build this week is both humorous and dark, with a Mad Max version of the Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine. 

As we leave this week with a very unfortunate Shaggy, I hope you enjoyed the selection once again, adn I`ll see you all back next week for more awesome eye-candy!

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