zaterdag 13 februari 2016

Lego Classic Build: 5616 Mini Robot

Today`s build is a really, really simple one, from the Mars Mission subtheme of Lego Space.

And it is very colourfully named `Mini Robot`, because well, that IS what you get in this small set from 2008.

The set includes a rather grim looking Mars crewman, with what seems to be a sort of mining laser.

The mini robot is based around a white `mailbox` element, which is mounted on hook hinge elements.  These get small skeleton arms attached to them to serve as the robots arms.

Inside the `box`, we can store a transyellow crystal, and some orange slopes and a white jumper are mounted on top.

The legs are basically two jumpers connected to each other.

Add some gear to the robot and a pair of binoculars to serve as it`s `head` and the full set is already completed.

A pretty simple, very simple set as I said, but a good source for parts and gears for those into the Mars Mission moc`s, especially since this one can be found dead cheap on BrickLink and the likes...

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