maandag 8 februari 2016

Lego Build: 41545 Mixels Kramm

In today`s build, I`m featuring one of the Mixels from series 6 that went into promotion last month on the Lego site.

I picked up all three of the series, and that means that I`ll do the combiner as well after all three have passed this week, just for completeness sake.

And for the fact I didn`t for one build and sorted them, but actually kept the parts apart just for this purpose :-).  kramm himself is a sort of `drill guy` in Mixels style, using a lot of the yellow tone like his two companions.

Opening the bag, we get a partsbag and the instructions leaflet.

The central body is the first thing we will be putting together, around which we will be connecting all the limbs.

For those, we use both technic bricks as the joint elements that make Mixels so fantastic.

Kramm`s body is made up of a very large, toothed maw, and an eye piece with constrution helmet resting on top of that.

His feet are rock pieces, attached to the body with a turntable part to allow him to swivel his legs 360 degrees around.

His first arm is a claw with moveable fingers, allowing him to operate bricks and elements in this hand.

The other arm is the drill itself.

When this is attached, the set stands completed

And we get a few additional pieces:

The Mixels are cool sets for any MOC`cer.  They aren`t to expensive, usually contain a nice amount of curved elements and the great joint pieces, and have intresting colours in the range as well. 

I love them, not for collecting but as a ready source for building elements for later projects.

Tomorrow, it`s his companion`s turn, Wuzzo.

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