woensdag 24 februari 2016

Nexo Knights: Het Boek Der Monsters

Usually when Lego releases a new line of their own, aka one not from a franchise, they also bring out some additional material like books, magazines, cartoon series etc...

With Nexo Knights, while I`m not wild of the range so far, they actually did something cool.

They brought out the `main villain` of the series, The Book of Monsters, in well, book form.  This book does it completely different then usual, in that it doesn`t feature pictures of the actual sets and minifigures, but presents them in a drawn style.

This makes it a new experience to flip through the pages, and it tells the story of the line and the setting from the viewpoint of the bad guys, including graffiti on the profile of the titular heroes.

Now, at current the range features the Knights and their magma monsters, but if the things in the book are actually planned for future releases, we are going to get a good time ahead, as there is also an `evil forest` theme in the book, as well as characters from a `pirate like faction`.  This might actually turn out into something cool it seems.

Time will tell, but until then, be sure to pick up a copy of this tome, it`s worth it and an enjoyable read even if you`re not into the new mix of Castle and Space.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Ja, er is er hier al ene die het boek wil. Dank u, ge moogt em zelf betalen.

  2. We doen er toch alles voor om pa / zoon dynamieken in gang te houden, samen bouwen, samen lezen, samen surfen...