maandag 15 februari 2016

Inspirational Lego #57

Time for another week of eye-candy, and this week was signified by three large events in our western world.

It all started last sunday with a strange sports event in the States, something with animals in which wild horses won from a group of feline`s in an effort to gain the approval of the Superb Owl.

Then monday we had the new year for the Chinese, as they entered the Year of the Monkey.

While of course yesterday we had Saint Valentine`s.

And that was a nice introduction to get to present the first three pieces of eye candy I found on the internet ;-)

But there is more this week, as like always I have a selection of 10 fantastic builds, and the next one is the Nostronomo, the spacetravelling refinery where the first Alien movie took place.

This fantastic beast is made all up from Bionicle parts, you know, those large pieces the average AFOL says about that it it rather impossible to build decently with (and yes, I admit, I can`t seem to use them either most of the time).

Nuphar Lagoon is a nice small build which includes figures from various `settings` to create an monkey island like house in a swamp.

I might be one of the few that wasn`t a fan of the new Ash vs Evil Dead series, but this MOC based on the series does a great job representing it though!

Piazza Maria is a great looking scene based on the american style of pizza houses, as you tend to see in the `maffia style` movies and the likes set in New York.

The wolf tribe warriors are in big trouble as a pair of young ice drakes have come from their eggs!

The final build this week is this great looking piece of SteamPunk machinery, the gold and dark green just work together so well!

And that is the selection again for this week, hope you enjoyed it and I`ll hopefully see you all again next monday for more!

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