woensdag 10 februari 2016

Lego Build: 41546 Mixels Forx

The third and final member of this tribe, Forx is a bit of a sort of digger like mixel, and that would be before the Weldos Max I`ll be doing tomorrow.

Again, some nice parts are in this set, and of course some more of the handy Mixel joints.

This one is has it`s half boulder mouth as his `typical` characteristic, so as we open the bag we get the bag of parts, and the instruction booklet.

The central start of the model is a black arch with red lights on it.  To this we connect the mixel joints in order to get the limbs connected to them.

On top of this, another joint connector is added with yellow arches as the neck for the head.

The arms itself are simple affairs consisting of only a few elements, but to one the chain is also attached.

Next we put together his two legs, which are sturdy affairs as they need to `hold` the front heavy boulder element.

This boulder is connected using a turntable element, and then placed on the neck.

The top of the head is based around a round yellow plate, with two of the eye printed heads and some grey bananas for the mustache.  White studs round out his teeth.

And the full build completed:

Tomorrow, I`m popping them all three together, as I`ll be tackling the combiner mode of this tribe, so be sure to drop by :-)

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