woensdag 3 februari 2016

MOC: HMS Terrigan

The second ship I have been building for this month`s Brethren of the Brick Seas , she is a class 1 `Armed Galley`, based on the style of ships from the historical Battle of Lepanto.

And since the HMS Green Dragon has returned from month 1`s trade run with a nice cargo hold of spoils, I can license both this one and yesterday`s class 0 in one go, before starting to save up the doubloons to build my city.

Those venetian galleys had oars as main propulsion, the small sail granting a small boost in speed, the cannon battery serving for forward firing, and a nasty looking ram to bring enemy galleys to their destiny at the sea's bottom.

In-game, this means the class 1A`s can only operate within a single zone during an MCRA action, so she will be assigned escorting duty to the Isandlwana from february onwards.  That way, I can get `maximum yield` hopefully from the little wherry, without it going to the seabottom by the first bathtub that looks dirty at it.

Storywise, she will be the harbour guard for Quinnsville until the era of far bigger ships break out in the game, and to which end I am building as well at the moment, but that is music for far, far away still.

The ram, reinforced in iron to sink enemy ships.  It also comes with a forward mounted cannon.

Seamen row the galley forwards while guarded by the contignent of royal Marines.

The commander of the vessel, Lieutenant Lester, shouts his orders to the rowers while another crewman steers the ship.

So now I`m at a manageable `3-ship' fleet, which should get me through the initial stages of the game and provide enough bonus income to start licensing properties near the end of the month for the upcoming builds I`m doing.

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