dinsdag 23 februari 2016

Check This Out: 80s Geek

In this blogpost I would like to point your attention to a great flemish website, 80s Geek.

Why is it great?  Well, because it has a page dedicated to this little corner of the internet of course ;-)

No, just kidding.  The site is run by a Facebook buddy of mine, Axel, and like with everyone you meet on Facebook those at first innocent chats evolve into passionate relationships, wild dates and things a nun would make twenty crosses for in quick succession.

Or sometimes, like in this case, just some nice conversations about hobbies and the like :-)

This all set in motion a series of events, and created a sort of `loop` between our little pages.  It started out with Axel agreeing to appear (soon) on my other page I maintain, the BeLUG blog, as his son is intrested in Lego and has joined the ranks of the club (okay, technically Axel did, long story but basically has to do with 18+ and rules from Lego about certain LUG events and age limits).

In exchange, Axel featured this little page on his website, as we bloggers have to stick together and spreading the word for each other is a small effort to do.

I got to know Axel through his love for Vintage toys, and through the website Geekster where he was doing a series on collector`s of toys and other merchandise, called `Uit De Kast`.  I admit, and that is how this whole thing got rolling, he was my inspiration for the whole `Meet BeLUG` series of member profiles, where people could get to talk about their hobby, or in our specific case, Lego. 

When I told him that I was just blatantly "stealing" the concept, he considered it more "borrowing" and we launched the project, I reeled him in, and the rest was history.

As of 2016, Axel parted ways with Geekster and continued this excellent series on his own website, 80s Geek, so be sure to pop over there to have a look.

The site is a hommage to the nostalgia of the 80s, which face it, is the era of the coolest generation of kids ever born ;-)  Or at least the era of the great `saturday morning cartoons` then... with fantastic toylines to come with it.  Everytime I see today`s children watching Nickolodeon or Disney Channel  - horribly dubbed in dutch, I feel pity for them. 
This is no joke, but I actually learned speaking french due to the cartoons, as Club Dorothee back then brought anime to Europe on the french TF1 channel... while at first we brabbled something phonetic that vaguely sounded french, once we got it on school it all `connected` faster as you heard those tones before.  And Dragonball, Albator or Chevaliers du Zodiaque are definitly more intresting source material to learn from than Eventail...

The site features some intresting articles with a nice `twist` in style, going over Rocky through soda drinks to end with The Hoff himself!

So make sure you pop over there, it is a good read, and I bet you`ll become a fan of "Uit De Kast" as well, as the series remains pure voyeuristic porn for all us toy lovers... who are now middle aged men with a strange hobby.

Or to quote Axel from the site itself: "Man that collects comics and toys..." ;-)

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