dinsdag 2 februari 2016

MOC: HMS Isandlwana

My second ship I`ve build for BoBS, the HMS Isandlwana is a `class 0 ship`.

These small vessels can be registred for a measly 15 doubloons (which I`ll be doing someday soonish), and as one of the first two builds of a month they already pay back 10 DBs.

Based on the actual `Norfolk Wherry` ships, who saw service in official capacity as far back as the rennaissance right until the last one was retired from commercial shipping in... 1967, this also the only type of sailing ship I actually `been` on.

Wherry`s are used to ferry goods in the calmer coastal waters and down inland waterways, and often saw service with larger sailing ships to unload them where ports couldn`t handle their size or the cargo needed to be divided over several waterside villages.

The HMS Isandlwana, "captained" by Miss Forsythe-Smith, serves the (for the moment) small port of (to be founded soon) Quinnsville, as the new settlement isn`t big enough (yet) to handle large trade vessels or multiple cargo vessels at once.  Nobody knows where she came up with the name, but gossip tells that she is the widow of a deceased officer of the army, lost in some far away country in a battle woth natives.  She probably chose the excentric sail design for that reason as well, but remains very closed on the subject when inquired.

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