maandag 1 februari 2016

Inspirational Lego #55

Another week, and here we are with the weekly selection of cool MOC`s I`ve stumbled about while wandering around on the internet.

And this week, I`m starting off with a build in my current line of thingies I`m building myself.

This awesome frigate is just a mighty impressive ship, ready to take on anything the Black Seas Barracuda or other galeons would be able to throw at her, and come out on top if you ask me.

Pokemon is celebrating it`s 20th birthday this year, and this Venussaur is a great looker to honour this.


Another great vessel from last year`s shiptember, I love the lines of the engine compartment and it`s sleek curvature.

Resistance is futile! I love the way this Borg drone is regenerating in it`s alcove.

This very close moment of a medieval traffic accident is just a great entry from this years Colossal Castle Contest.

Thief!  Smaug awakens and is infuriated as some tiny creature is in his hoard.

I love Ice Planet 2002, and I always thought the humble Snow Speeder the coolest Star Wars vessel.  So this is a pure and clear winner in the coooooool category for me.

How great is this.  Based on the VW van polybag, this one actually transforms, as the creator made no less then 3 identical builds, each in a various stage of it`s transformation.

The final build this week is this sunflower, which looks as it comes straight from a Van Gogh painting.

And that`s the selection again for this week, I hope you find it just as great an eye candy as I did.  Tune in next week for another instalment!

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