woensdag 24 februari 2016

Quinnsville: building a city WIP

One of my goals both for 2016, Brethren of the Brick Seas AND the Brick Mania`s Wetteren and Antwerp this year was to build a village for my Pirate era, and the Empire of Corrington.

So a few weeks ago I actually started work on this, and the idea is to make modules that can be detached for both transportation and to be able to insert future 48x48 modules in between the two beaches that make up the end of the settlement.

The central plate that would make up `phase 1` includes the smaller buildings I have been making recently, like the forge and the commercial building, as well as the recycled from Historica warehouse.

This plate features the name and faction of the city, nicely engraved by Mijn Blokje.  Upon this I added first a layer of bricks, then technic bars to make the support for the buildings, and raise it a bit above the waterline.

Those first three buildings then are added to the plate.

The blank beach sections come left and right of this, and these will be build up with their own relative builds as well.

Work then continued on (a lot of studs) for the central road running through the city.

Next up, the tedious job of pushing down a lot of studs in various shades of trans blue to make the waterline of the settlement.

Once those jobs had been completed, it was time to start working on both beach ends.

The left one contains a sailor`s market, with some stalls and busy life for the men of the ships to have some relaxation.

The right section contains the small fort I made earlier this week, incorporated in the sands of the beachy area for a smoother transition.

Later this week, I`m rounding out the build to have her ready for Wetteren.  This will incoporate some more buildings that first will appear as seperate MOC`s for the BOBS game, with a Science Building and a Dockmaster Office, as well as a small fountain to `fill` the central 16x16 slot of the frontside of the road. 
The only thing then left to do is round out the tatched roof on the polehut on the sailor`s beach, and a marching column of redcoats on the `fort` side beach, so I estimate the whole city ready by the end of next week.  Though with the smaller buildings coming seperatly, it might be some time before she will be shown as a whole ;-)

In a future phase, perhaps for Antwerp (not sure, the Frigate comes first), I`m planning out a second 48x48 plate which will contain a church, cemetary, tavern and embassy for sure.  But that is music for far off, as I need to complete my summer `geek event` builds first :-)

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