dinsdag 9 februari 2016

Lego Build: 41547 Mixels Wuzzo

Today we have the second of the team of three Mixels from series 6 constructions tribe, in the form of Wuzzo.

Basically a guy with a large chainsaw head, this is like Kramm yesterday another one of the on sale Mixels from large month, knocking back only 3.69 euro.

Opening the bag we get an instruction leaflet and the bag of parts.

We start the build with an inverted arch piece, to which the joint connectors are attached.

On top of this, a slope `closes off ` the central bodypart of this mixel.

Two rather simple legs are then assembled and attached at the body, so little Wuzzo can stand up straight now.

His arms are perhaps the weakest part of the model, being simple 3 piece affairs, and then attached to either side of the body.

The main part of the build is the chainsaw head.  This is made by using small round grey studs which will represent the teeth, around a plate element.

Large printed eye round tiles are added to the sides of this chainsaw, giving him actually a rather mean look.

This is added to the body and Wuzzo is completed, but...

... like some other Mixels, he also comes with those fly-like companions.

This one is actually a rather big build compared to some others, using gold handles as wings, placed on a turntable piece and a black slope.

Add a golden crystal to his head and the moody printed face and you have an evil looking beastie.

The full set completed:

And the few extra parts of the set:

Another nice set for parts, though i don`t really like the Wuzzo build itself very much.  But at that price, who am I to complain.

Tomorrow, I'm tackling the third and final member of the team, before moving on to the combined MegaMixel on thursday, so check back in if you like!

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