woensdag 17 februari 2016

MOC: Bringing in the Riches

The Brethren of the Brick Seas has this nice little feature in the game, that whenever you MOC your MCRA result as a freebuild, you get a sum of 10 doubloons to add to your tally for income.

So from the moment the game launched, I had decided for myself that if time permitted I would try to make a small vignette or the like every time a month had gone by and the MCRA results would been published to show the result of this month`s journeys and adventures.

Well, month one was for my participating ship, the HMS Green Dragon, sheer uneventfull.  Part of a convoy, it got mainly noticed in that it brought home a lot of riches due to actually getting very lucky in the rolls for how much wares she had gathered, and how much they actually sold for to generate income...

Now, since I`m recycling my old storehouse from Guilds of Historica into my Quinssville WIP, this did seem like a good opportunity to add the building into the story without having to make a `recycle` topic about it, so I made my little scene around it`s doorway without a larger picture for additional approval and income gains.

The scene shows the sig-fig emerging back from his trade run, with the crew sheering for the amount of wealth they would be splitting between them, as shown by the chests full of gemstones at the warehouse.

At the end of February I will have all three of my licensed ships sailing out, so that might require some more moc`cing work in march, as well as building some scenes for a planned mini-collab storyline taking partly place in Quinnsville, and the `official` completion of phase one of the city, so that will be busy times ahead in the next week :-)

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