zaterdag 6 februari 2016

Lego Build: 30375 Sira`s Adventurous Flyer

Today`s build is a bit of a special one, as I`m tackling a polybag which BrickLink and such don`t seem to `know`.

Seems the polybag is unreleased yet, and I found my copy in Croatia, I guess it might be the promo when the new Elves range arrives in March perhaps???

But the build.  Sira is the minidoll I had my eyes on since the new sets where unveiled, with her green hairpiece which should yield immense moc`cability.  She also carries one of the new printed Elves maps, now containing a dragon egg (the theme of wave 2) instead of the key symbol.  I guess her element is going to be `wood` or `life` or such, as her torso is printed with leaves and her green brown attire.

Opening the bag, we get the usual heap of parts and the instruction leaflet.

The gorgeous Sira minidoll, with said map.

The flyer is based around two inverted arches, which form the bodywork of her flyer.

To this, we add the seat cushion, and one of those brackets to connect the minidoll with onto the build.

The wings are funnily done, being connected to the bodywork by green plant elements.

Now, that small round gempiece on the back is something I like as well. It`s printed, and it`ll be very, very handy to include in my regular builds.

And you get one extra with the left over pieces to boot!

The flyer completed:

Like with all Elves sets, I`m really digging this.  I don`t care if their target audience when they created it are girls in their early teens, I`m an end of the 30s guy and I really, really love the theme.  Great parts, fantastic colours, and as you`ll see in the not so far future, I even have found a great use for the minidolls as well...

Now, to wait out until march for those dragons...

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