vrijdag 5 februari 2016

Classic Lego Build: 8073 Manta Warrior

Lego seems to have a sort of a love / hate relation with underwater themes. 

For some reason, they tend not to be able to get loose from the bottom (pun intended), as Aquanauts and such "proved", and Atlantis was no different.

While the theme had some great sets (the Temple!) it`s also one where you can often buy the vehicle sets for really low bucks on the secondary market.  A bit odd if you ask me, because it had some great minifigures, like I`ll show in today`s small build, the Manta Warrior.

Though boxed, and the line HAD already polybags (deep sea beasties mostly), the Manta Warrior is a very small minifigure + a few bricks set.

The minifigure by himself is already worth the 1.5 to 2 euro you tend to have to shelf out for these small sets, as he has an awesome head, a great `helmet` and the golden trident is supreme.

So consider the few bricks as a free throw in.  The build is incredibly simple yet nothing is wrong with it per se.

You have a plate, and you put some slopes on it.  Round this out with a green tentacle and tadaa, underwater flora in a minute work.

The full set completed:

Really simple thing indeed, but I really do like it actually.  A bit of an underrated theme for sure!

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