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Saintia Sho volume 6 - Masami Kurumada and Chimaki Kuori

 Time for some more burning cosmo reading!

Picking up where we left in volume 5, when Skok's sister was selected to merge with Eris, the goddess of discord is gathering her powers to re-enter the stage.

At the abyss, Shoko is being pulled in to meet with her sister Kyoko, now fully merged with the spirit of Eris.  Kyoko tells her the world will soon be destroyed, and she wants her sister to join her in the paradise she is creating with the Tree of Life.  But Shoko refuses, unwilling to believe her sister is completely gone, and vowing she will save her from Eris.  Eris tries to trap her, but Scorpion Milo arrives together with Athena, forcing Eris to withdraw.
In the meantime in Eris's temple, Aiolia has infiltrated the place.  The golden Lion makes smooth headway towards it's centre, as Milo also starts to enter the temple, leaving Shoko behind to protect Athena.  Peacock Mayura contacts them, telling that she suspects that Mii and Xiaoling are caught inside, being swept into the temple when it formed. 

Aiolia breaks through the gate harboring a strong, evil cosmos, suddenly finding himself in the late Gold saint Saga's Another Dimension.  But it isn't the Gemini saint that meets him, but his deceased brother, Sagitarrius Aiolos.  He mocks the golden lion for how weak he is, before changing appearances to a mirror image of Aiolia.

Mii awakens in the temple, faved by Malice Emony, who has grown since the previous encounter where the Dolphin saint defeated her.  Stronger then before, she captures Mii in her Lunatic Bind attack, but Katya interferes.  Mii gets up, sending the ice saintia on her way to face Emony herself.  Strenghtened by her vows to Athena, she makes short work of the bratty ghost warrior, before collapsing from her sustained injuries.

Aiolia sees the true face of his opponent, the evil side of Saga that has been ressurected and who has his own personal goals, using Eris's offer as a means to reach those goals.  They engage in battle, as lower dryad warriors arrive at Sanctuary to capture it.  They are swiftly defeated by Jabu and the other bronze saints, Shaina, Aldebaran and Shaka.

And so this volume ends, the pieces being set in motion for the battle between Athena and Eris, with Shoko still being held back as the ace-in-the-hole versus Eris's host Kyoko.

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