zondag 14 april 2024

Warhammer Underworlds: Cyreni's Razors

 The second Underworlds warband finished for the year, it are the Idoneth Deepkin from the recent Deathgorge core box.

And this time they don't come with a crab, but with a squid!
Totally different in playstyle compared to my Elathain's Soulraid, this warband is led by the Tidecaster Cyreni from the Abyss.  Her name also being the hint why I went for darker, grey bases, who comes with the excellent in my book Hammertide "ping" damage activation.  Yes, I can see myself standing back and just magicking away in the full first round with her to be honest.

Alathyrr and Renglaith, the two thralls in her warband, both come with solid 2 damage, 2 reach attacks which is always handy, especially with the warbands more excentric Inspire mechanic of a different phase in each of the three rounds, making positioning and timing key for them.

The final member is Cephanyr, the squid tank, who has a nice stagger and escape reaction when targetted by an attack action.  Especially since he doesn't have to use this on the actual fighter that attacked him!

I can definitly see a "chain" of sequence (in an ideal world) with this warband, as to stagger with Cephanyr, hit with one of the thralls, then finish off with Cyreni.  Staggering is a tool in this warbands arsenal, to provide better chances of taking down enemies, so something I will definitly look into.
Fun models to paint and they will be getting some on-table time for certain in the near future at the weekly gatherings of our little group!



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