dinsdag 8 september 2015

A day full of Lego Haulage

Well, I think the mailman was glad he had passed my house today, as that would mean half his bike would have been empty.

There are such days, when just everything seems to arrive at once... and it was this day.

But before we go there, I also visited my local auctioneer again today on the bi-weekly auction, and he had some nice old Lego sets lying around again.  Becoming something of the `King of Toys` there, I took them home and once more paid next to nothing for it (well, the audience there is barely intrested in that kind of stuff anyways).

Four 1970s sets are gracing the `to build` pile now :-)

But back to the mailman...

The first parcel he had with him was from ShirtPunch, carrying my limited availability Batman Lego hoodie, so bloody cool, and it had cost me only 22 USD plus shipping.

The second parcel was the Justice League vs Legion of Doom limited edition BluRay through Amazon.  It `should` have arrived only the 24th of september by Amazon`s tracker, but I have my LE Trickster now with me already.

The third box was from Lego itself, carrying the things they didn`t have yet in the store last week: the Trick or Treat holiday set, and 12 bags of the new Series 14 Halloween figures.  The yield was `okay`, as I got me a Ghost and the Spider lady I really wanted (though I`ll be needing more ghosts), and for the part an additional Spider Lady (Marvel lovers, think `Madame Web`) for a future build, as well as the crazy scientist who is great for the elements, except that high forehead thingie, but those will end in some bitsbox left or right.
 And I got another Kai Drifter with it...

 The final parcel was a heap of bricks I ordered from Cora`s Creation, I needed (read, the GF wants) those grey pillars especially.

Okay, there was one more parcel, but I can`t tell about that, let alone show it, as it is the kids christmas gift to his mother...

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