zondag 6 september 2015

G-Football Kick Off 2015

Today, the kid had the Kick off event for the 2015 - 2016 season of G-Football.

Now, as you all have read before, the little one has a form of autism, and G-sports are to give people with a mental of physical disability a chance to do sports like their `normal` friends.

The event is really big, with about 800 players, and sponsored by a lot of big companies like Coca Cola, ING and ABN-Amro Banks, Nike and so many more.  This year, it took place in Boom near Antwerpen, and the guys played 3 games of 2x15 minutes.

Who cares about the results, as long as the children and adults have a good time.

For example, there is no classification made.  they all play on their `level`, and everyone is a winner as such, all participants receiving a new soccer ball and a pair of new soccer shoes, gently donated by Nike, as well as a lunchbag and drink tokens, and a medal per player and a cup per team.

Another cool thing is that the initiative taker, dutch ex-striker Piet Den Boer who shot KV Mechelen to become to last european trophy a belgium squad ever won in 1988, has pulled strings.  here he is posing with the kid, together with the national coach of the dutch U12, Weesterhof.

That means a lot of `names` from the Belgian soccer scene are present, like ex-goalie Geert De Vlieger (Machester City, as well as our National side), and our team was coached one half by harm Van Veldhoven (shown here with the kid), the current coach of first leaguer Westerlo.

Dennis Van Wijk is a bit of a second division league specialist, having managed to promote with quite a few teams to the first division.

The rising star of the belgian football coaching staff was also present, Peter Maes (here with the kid), as well as the coach of current league revelation and `party squad` KV Oostende, Yves Vanderhaeghe (here with yours truly).

The great thing is these guys do it not because they are paid to make `an act de presence`, but because they feel it is a small effort to do so for the less fortunate amongst us.  I had for example a nice chat with Mr Van Veldhoven about how they handle G-football in Westerlo, and the problems you get with the levels at times, and had a serious talk with former international referee Joeri Vadevelde about how Wapper is not a `pure` soccer team organisation but a an omni-sport club.

So let`s end with the dream of every young player present: the cup for the Jupiler League, our national first division.

A great day for all those involved, and many thanks again to the players, the coaches, the organisation and all those parents to let these guys and gals enjoy sports, having to make a lot of sacrifices for it, but the smile on their face is worth it!

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