vrijdag 11 september 2015

Lego Build: 6800 Cyber Blaster

Today, we are cracking the seals on one of the old UFO series sets, the small Cyber Blaster.

Back then, these where small boxed sets costing less then 5 euro, the modern day polybag, and I bought it mainly for the android figure.  Of course, that was before I made up for myself I prefer fantasy over sci-fi in building MOC`s, but heck, like I always say `parts are parts.

The android has very nice prints on both torso and legs, and a visor dominated head, making him usefull even for Superhero builds as the mindless automaton troops you tend to find in those settings.

The base of his small vessel is made around a grey wedge piece, with some black plates on it to raise the height.

Another grey plate then connects this with a large black saucer dish.

The cannons are added, as is the very lovely printed front piece.

Another printed piece, a 1x2 tile control panel, is added as the steering system, and then this small set is already done.

Nothing to fancy, but bar the minifig the two printed parts are definitly worth having in your collection, and the black dish isn`t as common as it`s grey or white counterparts whom where mostly found in the older mid-80s space ranges.

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