dinsdag 8 september 2015


Airing back to back with Dark Matter in the past months on SyFy channel, Killjoys was a highly hyped series before it even began, even being labelled as `It is like Firefly, but then it is not`.

Well, for me, it definitly wasn`t.

I don`t know exactly why, but I can`t seem to warm up to the characters, the show or the actors.  Yes, the special effects where okay, but I found the acting a bit flat, the D`avis character just a complete baffoon, and well, no, just no.

Following the trail of three bounty hunters (or killjoys as those are called), it starts with John finding his brother again and him being recruited into their operation.  Both Dutch (a past as a trained assassin) and D`avin (a past as a soldier to which `something` happened) have their own subplots, but they are hotchypotchy at times, especially with the D`avin character.

The show, for me, had two good episodes, the one they had to defend a hidden monastery, and the one where they boarded a derelict vessel experimenting with nanites.  But unfortunatly, 2 out of 10 isn`t a number you want to come home with on your scorecard.

Now I realise I`m probably in the minority here (heck, even my Nemesis thought the show got better over the course of the season), but I really preferred it`s airwave brother, Dark Matter, over this show.  Never the less, it has been given the go for a second season, so we`ll see what that brings then next year. 

But for now, it is just for me something I watched without getting a vibe for it.

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