woensdag 9 september 2015

Lego Build: 40122 Trick or Treat

Arrived yesterday, build reported today.  Yes, this set has jumped over quit a lot of them in my backlog, but this has to do with the fact it would be rather silly to do the special Halloween set somewhere in august 2016 or so now would it.

This little set is the latest in the Creator series of limited availability time vignettes, based on an 8x8 plate like they bring out with Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving and such.

The box contains 3 bags of parts and 2 dark green plates, as well as the instruction manual.

For minifigures, we get a young girl dressed up as a witch (the black pointy hat and the torso are excellent for use afterwards), as well as skeleton.

The base is made up by two 4x8 plates, connected by a series of dark grey plates.

Above, we start by laying down the frame for the front door she will be trick or treating, including a small cobbled pathway.

The porch is raised up and it comes with the more recent, paler green swamp plants (or tentacles) at the door.

The extrerior decoration of the house is what looks like a small tombstone for a faithful doggy that has gone to heaven, and is added on the base.

The sides of the doorframe are the next thing we will be building up, including a very well working combination of transparent tiles to give an eerie side window gloom, which is helped a lot by the house being a black and dark purple combination.

Once the door itself is placed in the porch, we add some pumpkins and a spider to make it all look a bit more spookier.

The roof is then being added to the small doorway.

After building this up some more and adding two small chimney like things on top, this part of the build is all done.

The second thing we get to build in this set is a tree to stand next to the house.  Again using black and purple for the treetrunk, this looks rather scary.

The branches and the bat are added, and the tree stands all ready.

The full set standing ready to go on the shelf as a Halloween decoration:

And of course, there where some extra parts with this set as well:

These sets are great value at 10 euro a piece, though they do tend to sell out rather quickly.  I had to order mine through the online store as the local Lego store didn`t receive them yet, and didn`t want to run the risk of missing out on it.  Now it can enjoy a shelf life until the first of november, then it`ll go in the `to part` box, but it is never the less a highly enjoyable little model to build and have in your collection!

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