dinsdag 29 september 2015

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - J. K. Rowling

Adieu 300 page fast read books, welcome volume four numbering 600 pages and then some.  

Slowly but steadily (okay, perhaps not that slowly for my doing) I`m going through the books, and now the fourth one has been finished.

Where my gripe with the earlier ones was that they where far more detailed then the movies, with book 3 being great and the third movie (of the 4 I saw so far) rather weak, I was curuious how much it would deviate now in this one, where the Dark Lord will be reborn.

The answer is: humongous.  There are great and funny extra passages in it (like in the beginning the whole Dudsley`s meet the Weasley`s affair, which is just hilarious), the additional passages of Winky and how the Crouch family `worked` upto how Barty sr disappeared (rather more different and mysterious then in the movie) and the general way the whole story in this book `worked`.

We also learn quite a lot more of both the Headmaster`s and the schools of Durmstang and Beauxbattons then how they where depicted in the film, but I guess that is rather normal considering that is more `fluff` for the world of Harry Potter then essential to cram into the 2hr30 time you get in the cinema movie.

But I admit, I`m really falling into the Potterverse, and considering how the The Burrow attracted a lot friendly people and had a couple of great chats the past weekend, something I`m not going to be derailing from soonish...

Now, to start the 1000 page thick Order of the Phoenix... whom I`ll be reading for the moment without yet having seen the movie.

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