maandag 7 september 2015

Inspirational Lego 34

Not always do the big builds appear on american shows, an impression one might get when strolling around the internet, but it is more a case of numbers.

The american AFOL community spans a bigger demographic, has more builders and shows, and as such, it tends to look and feel like everything big is made at our trans-atlantic buildingbrothers, but this week, I`m kicking off with something big and shiny from about 100 kilometres from my door.

At the french show Brickfete last summer, this truly gigantic, minifig scale airport was shown.  Immense in size, it was a great looker for both those present or for those like me who enjoy watching picture reports online.

Another great build I stumbled upon was this demonic summoning scene, grisly in appearance but full of detail.

Guilds of Historica remains a great source of fantastic builds, like this street life scene.

Sometimes, builds stand out by the moment of action they capture in freezeframe style, like this sportscar going through the barrier and over the cliff.

Elegant in design of the mecha, this build is based upon the various anime shows, and shows excellent movement those 20 meter tall mobile suits usually employ.

Another typical japanese invention is `Chibi`, where proportions are distorted to get a cuteness level.  In Lego, this is usually done by contracting the vehicle together with the minifig remaining as it is, shown here in this aerial duel.

A pretty impressive pooltable is the next on the list, and great use of the plastic balls you get with certain sets.

This airballoon makes great use of creating effects through colours, by alternating the red and black bricks making it look like `coiled` rows of bricks.

Another great creation full of nostalgia by my personal favorite builder Orion Pax, as we have He-Man riding off on Battle Cat.

We end the inspirations this week with a brickbuild figure of a Game of Thrones White Walker, who looks rather sinister with those bright blue eyes if you ask me.

So that`s the selection to kick off the week again, hope you all liked them and until next week, build on!

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