zondag 13 september 2015

It was planned for 2016...

Yesterday, the Smurf had his birthday activity with his little munchkin friends, so while the GF and my mum went to the party, I sat at home with the idea to watch the Two Towers (again) and tinker a bit with some bricks.

Now, I had already layed down the very first bricks for a display I want to build in 2016, using the Battle of the Five Armies set and my plan was to already make the border of that display plate.

Then I started bricking, and not only did I do the border of the The Hobbit display, but already the first one of the Jurassic World ones I`ve got stored in my head somewhere.

And then I continued and also did the fill up of both display plates and put `the roof` on them to start building upon once the new year hid.

Including the markings where the hill must come for the Battle set.

A hill that I already started to work on, well because I was busy so why not... and I ended up with the full hill done.

While I was at it, I already bordered up the JW enclosure as well, and the first part of the fence including the security door.  At this poitn, I temporarily have to stop on the JW one, as a `little` bricklink order is needed now for droid arms and wizard staves.

So heck, still have time I thought, let`s do some more work then on the Dale display, by already fitting the actual set onto it after I roofed up the hills...

Not bad for an afternoon`s worth of time :-) considering I also completed two small vignettes whom I will only need to take pictures from one of the days.

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