woensdag 2 september 2015

Sidonia no Kishi season 2

Following the highly awesomeness of the first season, SnK season 2 starts with just as epic a soundtrack as Angela`s opener from the first season, so that couldn`t be a bad thing now could it?

Well, actually, it is...

While the animation still uses the pretty and soft on the eyes style of drawing that set the first season out from most other mecha / sci-fi shows, the story is just not as strong. 

Sure, the struggle of the last remaining humans (or whatever we should call ourselves as we evolved into a cloned, three gender society) againstb the alien Gauna is still the background of it all, we now also get introduced to a Guardian / Gauna developped hybrid (the `prisoner` from the first year), called a Chimera, and the use of Gauna tech to battle them.

However, the Gauna are evolving faster then the humans can devellop in new weapons, and this results in an uphill battle, time and time again saved by Nagate, on the border of beconing repitive.  Sure, in Gundam series, the main hero saves the day, but at least there you have the `other guys` doing heroic things and saving the day once in a while.  Here, the others tend to fail time and again and Nagate rides in, solves it, move on to the problem of the week after.

It does have some nice twists in the series, like how Commander Kobayashi has a double agenda, causing her to take out the ancients Council for one, or how Kunato is setting machinations in motion, but overal, the series can`t stand in the footsteps of it`s first year.

Mind you, considering it had some very big shoes to fill, this might not be all that odd, and it is still an enjoyable show to watch, but I didn`t manage to sit through a hooked 12 episode marathon like I could with year 1.

Let`s await when (it seems to have been confirmed at least) season 3 hits, and how it goes from there...

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