vrijdag 4 september 2015

Lego Batman DC Super Heroes Unite

This is the Lego movie that is also featured in the second Lego batman videogame, you know, the one we all push the triangle to get to the next level swiftly.

Name? I`m Superman and he is Batman.
Is that a first or a second name?
Errrrm... it`s a one name thing, like Madonna...

The above shard of dialogue is part of the typical humour you get in these Lego movies, making them funny viewing experiences.  The story has Batman reluctantly team up with Superman in order to thwart the newest scheme of Lex Luthor and the Joker to put themselves in the White House.

This they want to achieve by using Jokergas to sway the votes and rig the elections, while using Batman`s stash of kryptonite to overcome the Man of Steel.  Along the road to this goal, they have to quell an uprising in Arhkam and the League is formed together, meaning you get every popular hero and villain featured at least shortly during the movie.

It`s an enjoyable flick like I said, and one to definitly watch with the kids someday, you never know if a small Dark Crusader comes out of it ;-)

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