donderdag 3 september 2015

Lego Build: 70753 Ninjago Lava Falls

Today`s set build is one of the smaller, but intresting Ninjago sets for a fantasy MOCcer for me.  No flashy car or plain parts, but some natural formation and good minifigs.

Hailing from the range that came out the beginning of the year, it takes the heroes to battle Lord Anacondrai and his minions.

This small set comes with two minifigures: Cole and one of the serpent lord minions, a figure I really dig with the chest tattoos and the cool snakeskull headpiece.

We start the build by providing the core `base`, a combination of orange and red plates to show the lava this fight is taking place over.

Rising from this hot stuff, are rocks upon which we will be hanging the walkway later on.  As you see, a nice selection of sloped bricks in this one.

Once we reach the raised area and levelled it, we are building the mechanic to create the falling walkway playfeature.

By pulling this red rod, the walkway will fall down and drop unsuspecting victims into the lavastream.

Dark red curved plates are then added to the top, another great sort of elements in this little box.

Some final details, like the totemleg build from a skeleton, are then added to hold Cole`s special weapon.

And the set stands completed

Of course, there are some additional parts for your bitsbox as well.

I like this little set, actually, I think both of the smaller sets from the beginning of the year are more then worth it for the useful elements in them.  And the fact they often show up in Kruidvat at a strong discount, makes it all the better ;-)

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