maandag 21 september 2015

Inspirational Lego 36

Read now these final words for about a week, as I`m all packed and ready to go on a short holiday.

Maybe I should invent a time machine, so I can relax AND work on that immense backlog of mine...

... a time machine like the DeLorean, that can take me to places I`ve been already and do two things at a time.

Another great build this week is Delirium, a flashy coloured sculpture from Brickworld this year.

This spaceship hangar is far smaller then it looks, using great forced perspective.

An iconic movie poster recreated as a Lego mosaic, as the Great White of a certain franchise is out for a quick snack.

This guy build a very lovely castle, but he must have a lot of storage space if you ask me!

Excellent use of trans green elements gives Cthullu an eerie appearance.

An expansion on the Blacktron range of days long gone by, this is one mighty vehicle.

This Micro Mars Base is very well executed with it`s domed buildings, lovely microscale building.

Talking outer space, how about the most iconic power loader of all time now hu.  This should be made in the Ideas range if you ask me!

The final build this week is this very awesome build of Ghost Rider, who just `breathes` his flamy origins!

And that`s it again, see you `ll next week with a report on how the FACTS event went, and until then, take care!

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