dinsdag 15 september 2015

Classic Lego Build: 7245 Prisoner Transport

A small set I found together with a lot of Power Miners (or to state correctly, my mother found) on a garage sale, this little City set was complete bar a single small white piece I could easily fill from my boxes.

Technically, after the necessary haggling you just have to do at those sorts of things, she got a 5 euro discount meaning this set came for free.  Not that 5 euro would have been a bad price neither...

The sticker sheet wasn`t used in the set either, and I didn`t apply them during the build either as the set would be parted out afterwards anyways.

It comes with two minifigures: a robber (whose head I definilty can reuse in fantasy builds) and a police officer.

We start the build by adding white slopes on the large grey car chassis element.

The chair, steering wheel and wheelcaps are added next to the bodywork.

We then move on to add the large white sideplates to the bodywork.

The front bumper with all the lights are then put together and added to the front of the car.

The backdoors, windscreen and sidepanel `closets` are put on the bodywork, making the interior of the truck compartmentilized by splitting the prisoner box with the driver seat by a clear element.

The roof is then added onto the car, and the necessary sirens and flashlight put on top.

And the armoured truck stands completed.  It was a nice little piece for the parts and a good find by the mother, keep on sniffing them out mom ;-)

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