dinsdag 1 september 2015

Final WiP The Burrow

And so it comes to the point that the second new display I have been building for FACTS and Brick Mania Antwerp nears completion.

Which is The Burrow set from Harry Potter, one of the definitly nicer looking ones, and sort of the family project.

As in the GF had the idea, the Smurf donated his Burrow set (sans figures) and the Ford Anglia from the train set, and I well, financed and build everything else from my collection and through BrickLink.

The build is as good as completed now, I only need to put the car back in it`s place, and take some better pictures with the lightbox when the Rivendell set is also 100% completed, and then I`m perfectly on schedule for the final 2 shows I`ll be attending in 2015.

I added some mud for the pig to `play` in next to his pen, and add raised areas on the base to add some depth to it.

The Burrow is lovated near a small stream, which I represented by a small meander of that stream.

In front of the house I put a tree, which lends itselfs greatly to use some of the Friends animals in it.  Considering the certain `cuteness` the Harry Potter series has compared to Lord of the Rings, this fits nicely.

Talking Friends animals, I also added some of the small rabbits in the high grass.

To `border` the back of the plate, I planted some corn, in the same style of a GoH build I did last year.

The field in front of the house is flowered up a bit to break the monotone green and beige.

So the Burrow is, like the Elrond build, now 99% completed, so I HOPE to have the final miniscule details on both of them done this week, and then put them aside until packing day arrives.

And take a break from building displays for a few weeks now... before we can hit the full plans for 2016 hehe...

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