vrijdag 25 september 2015

Platinum: PS Vita Lego Jurassic World

Back from a week of relaxation in the woods, and a lot of posts to make due to it, this is the first one already.

The latest game I platinumed, and once more one of the Lego franchise.

After having already platinummed it`s big PS3 brother, this holiday, thanks to rather rainy weather in the evenings, was the next one on the list.  Now, the Vita version is the same as the 3DS one, not the PS3 one, so it is a different experience.

The levels are shorter, and as usual contain a couple of tasks one must complete in order to advance.  Every level is divided in 3 sub levels, and 5 tasks per level.  But unfortunatly, every movie is now only 3 `levels` long, meaning a lot of equivalent levels from the bigger brother are cut out.

The `compensation` for not having big worlds to search and do things in but just small hubs are that in this version, you have 2 dinosaur paddocks that actually require you to mix and match some beasties together, unlike in the big version where the DNA lab didn`t really had any use.

It`s a small but enjoyable game, but in the end, this is one I can say the bigger version is far better!

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