dinsdag 1 september 2015

Lego Classic Build: 6115 Shark Scout

One of the smaller sets I obtained when I took over a part of my mate`s collection, is this small set from the Aquazone range.

While the range wasn`t immensely popular, the story of Lego and underwater settings remain fickle to say the least, considering the newest City range.

Numbering 21 pieces and a Minifigure, this 1995 release is a small set, a current day polybag as you will.

The build starts on 2x4 plates, on which handlebars are added with blue cones.

By connecting these plates with a 2x6, the cones touch each other, looking like they are interconnected themselves .

The nicely printed front end is then added to this little underwater scooter.

The rotor connected is added, as are the steering handles.

A transorange rotor makes up the engine, while small black minifig fins are added as navigational fins.

And then this little set stands completed, ready to terrorize the underwaters...
To be honest, I`m in the camp of `not being into` the underwater themes, and I don`t feel any inner love radiating out for this little set either.  But heck, parts are parts for the collection :-)

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