maandag 7 september 2015

Harry Potter The Burrow Display

And it`s done!  The first `family colaboration` we did in Lego, a display like I do for my Tolkien sets, for Harry Potter.

The idea srang from my GF`s mind when she was at Brick Mania Wetteren, in that she wanted to have something displayed as well (read: which I can take along), and I offered to do something with the The Burrow set, as it is a nice presentable thing.

Now, while the GF added the idea (and two flower pieces she bought in the Netherlands a few weeks ago), the Smurf `donated` his The Burrow sets core (sans minifigures, and I didn`t need the catapult and the chimney thing), while I spend the money on minifigures for the set, the printed name tile (made at Mijn Blokje) and well, all the rest :-)

I then started to watch the movies at last, and came with the idea of having the Ford Anglia from the Hogwart`s Express set included, as Harry and Ron fly towards the Weasley house in the Chamber of Secrets.  The Harry hanging out of the door was just an idea I had, even though it happened a bit before in the film, as I thought it would look cool.

The area surrounding the house was then dressed up by a small section of the stream near the house, and a tree in front as they live near a forest edge.  Friends animals do lend themselves well for the Harry Potter scenes I found out, adding that certain "children`s cuteness" that was prelevalent in the first two movies, who are rather innocent compared to later instalments.

I also went for the corn to make the borders of the build alternate from only grass patches, and used the same method I tried over a year ago in a GoH build, something I was rather pleased with for result.

I`m rather happy with how the display turned out in the end, and right on time to take it along for FACTS already, while it`s initial `deadline` I had set for myself was Brick Mania Antwerpen in november.  But building it `side-by-side` with the Rivendell display I showed last week, this went swifter then expected and now I`m all set with the displays I wanted to build for myself in 2015... so that is a goal Completed on the marker :-)

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