vrijdag 25 september 2015

Hagen`s Vacations: of Nature and Bricks

The past week I`ve been spending my last midweek of rest and relaxation in the Roompot holiday camp Weerterbergen, located in the dutch village of Weert.

Being about an hour drive from my homestead, this bungalow parc is in the midst of the forest, with a lot of `vens` (sort of stillwater lakes), whom attract a lot of fishermen.

So let me share some pictures with you of what is mostly a nature excursion, and remember, the quill is mightier then the sword...

The parc itself came with a plaze containing a swimming pool, kiddie club, amusement parc... the classic stuff for this kind of things, as well as a glow in the dark midget golf.

Of course, upon arrival a good cinnamon and cream coffee was needed to strengthen the inner person.

The bungalow itself was roomy, though a bit old, and functional.

So then came the moment to set out and explore the surrounding ven and treeline.

Most bungalows had small fisherman quais near them for those wanting to go indulge in that watersport.

Apparently, witches are present as I found this witches circle.

So I armed myself with some mystical berries to prevent becoming hexed.

But just to be sure, I also enlisted the aid of `Dikke Antje`, the symbol of the village of Weert.

A village with a certain amount of humour present.

So armed with the cannon and the berries, I faced of the witches... very intresting personae.

So I rode from my Castle on my very large horse to chase them away!

But in the end I was succesful and overcame them...

The Loot:

Yes, and lots of it!  But while I found a Ninjago magazine I didn`t have and a couple of retired Star wars sets apart from some smaller Friends and Elves sets, there was also this

A large lot of bricks, found in the `Sponsorshop` in Weert (bit of a goodwill store).  However, in Holland they manage to have the village of Weert, and it`s subdistrict of Stamrooy, to BOTH have a street with the same name, and BOTH having an Aldi (which would be next to the Sponsorshop).  Needless to say, the GPS send us to the wrong adress first...

But it was a good moment of relaxation for the smashed knees, and to come to mental focus as I`m ready and loaded up now for the FACTS weekend coming tomorrow, and of whom I`ll be sharing pictures with hopefully on monday!

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