maandag 14 september 2015


Strazcynsky and the Warchowski siblings, that should be enough already to know that this would become an intelligent and good show.

Add to that awesome location filming, and a fantastic soundtrack, and you are in for a 12 episode delight in this Netflix original series.

A Chicago cop.  An Icelandic DJ.  A transgender blogger.  An Indian scientist.  A gay mexican actor.  A Nairobian bus driver.  A German bankrobber.  And finally a south korean bank manager.

What do these total strangers to each other have in common?  They are linked on a psychic level, forming a Cluster or Sense8.  They can hear, feel, live each other.  Share emotions and secrets, see what the other sees, and eventually, take `possession` of another in the cluster to help out.

While at first they appear as apparitions, or flashes, slowly they get to know each other until they can fully co-operate and co-exist within each others mind in perfect harmony.  Which is something they will need to do when one of them is threatened to be murdered in order to give up this secret.

It is, without a doubt, about the best series I saw this year, and it is rightfully so renewned for a second season.  But that also brings about the fear of living up to the original (Lost, Heroes, ...) which will be no small shoes to fill.

But it has a good pace, with a slow building up and character development in the first part of the series, the middle part handling the `what they are and how to get along` elements, while all the way working up to the finale parts where the true power of the collective is shown.

Yep, I really liked this one, and I recommend everyone to watch it.  Okay, if you`re 18+ perhaps, because it is rather `graphical` at times... including a close up of a baby being born, so be warned!

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  1. I can certainly empathize with wanting to support a show that caters the LGBT lifestyle choice but am unsure about whether a show that so blatantly expressed Christophobia via hate speech should go without criticism of its lack of tolerance in not celebrating diversity.