zondag 20 september 2015

Classic Lego Build: 6820 Starfire I

Another build from ages ago today, as this one was part of the large space lot I got from my pal Vincent. 

Though space isn`t really `my thing` and especially not after the post from a few days ago, I`m seeing this lot a bit of an investment for my trading boxes, but that doesn`t mean I won`t be enjoying the build at least.

And I had this set myself way back around it`s release in 1986, during my first `age` of Lego, as I`ve come along the printed front piece when sorting out my old bricks and pieces as well :-)

The set comes with the classic blue spaceman figure, whom has had an increased popularity the past year due to Benny of course.

The little spaceship is build around a few 2byX plates, connected with a smaller one to get the framework.

Upon this, the wings are installed to get the full bodywork dimensions sorted out.

Adding the printed front and the seat of the small vessel, and we have a good look at how the ship will end up eventually.

All sorts of details like the flying handles and the nosecone are then installed onto it.

The final thing to build is the landing gear frame.

And the full set stands completed.

It`s a sleek little thing for sure, and it`ll end up in my trading box as the age and the current value for a used with instructions for this particular set should be able to get me a small amount of rank and file troopers for Tolkien, so heck, not to shabby.

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