zaterdag 5 september 2015

Lego Build: 75041 Vulture Droid

Like I said a few weeks ago, I`m having to step down from the idea of doing Lego Builds and Classic Lego Builds on regular days of the week as the backlog is just to immense.

For example, the set I`m tackling today, was bought and effectively put together... in january.  

The Vulture Droid is one of those Star Wars vessels I do like, bit like the Snowspeeder in the regular trilogy.  Don`t ask me why, it must be something about it`s lines or so...

Opening the box, we get some polybags of parts, together with a stickersheet.

The first thing we do is `build` one of the minifigures in the set.  The small drone is actually afterwards pretty useful with it`s mushroom antenna.

The other figures included are a Neimodian trooper and a `blue chested` droid, whom is the pilot of the ship.  Which are actually droids themselves, and didn`t need pilots...

But we start off with building the central part of the vessel, or `droid body`, which also houses the pilot cabin.

The underside gets the connecting pieces to attach the wings to, whom double as the legs when the ship is walking around.

The greyish blue arches are another great set of elements in this set, and make up the front of the bodypiece.

Once the central core is completed, the head is attached.  This can slide down and forward to enclose the cockpit in flight mode.

The central part of the wings consist of a heap of winges and technic pins.  The wings can not only turn downwards you see, but also fold closer together in flight mode or to have it more stable in ground mode.

Once the wing points are attached, we create this a second time to have the wings on both sides ready.

Attaching them to the body, the droid looks really menacing in it`s walking modus.

And it comes with a couple of extra parts as well...

All in all, this is a cool looking set with some neat playfeatures, mainly it`s transformability.  It`s also one that now, 9 months later, is still standing on one of my shelves, even though I dumped the Neimodian in my trade box and have dismantled the other brickbuild droid already ages ago.

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